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Block 18 Week 2 WOD 3

Block Eighteen • 2m 4s

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  • Block 18 Week 3 WOD 1

    20 Min AMRAP:
    Alt Shoulder Press x 6 Reps (each side)
    Hollow Hold S/A Close Grip Chest Press x 8 Reps (each side)
    Seated Oblique Knee Tucks x 10 Reps (each side)
    Alt Hammer Curls x 6 Reps (each side)
    Hand Release Push Up x 8 Reps (each side)
    Shoulder Tap to Plank Jack x 10 Reps (each side)...

  • Block 18 Week 3 WOD 2

    EMOM. Complete 3 rounds of the following:

    M1: Scorpion to Spiderman x 16 Reps
    M2: Over Unders x 16 Reps
    M3: Weighted Hip Bridge x 16 Reps
    M4: Static Lunge x 8 Reps (each side)
    M5: Bear to Plank Walks x 16 Reps
    M6: Blast off Push Ups x 8 Reps
    M7: REST then repeat

    Weight suggestion:
    M: 2...

  • Block 18 Week 3 WOD 3

    20 Min AMRAP:

    Deadlifts x 8 Reps
    Curtsy Lunges x 8 Reps (each side)
    Half Thrusters x 8 Reps
    Tricep Ext x 8 Reps
    Reverse Grip Rows x 8 Reps
    Sumo Squat x 8 Reps
    Side Plank Hip Dip x 8 Reps (each side)

    Weight suggestion:
    M: 20-40#+ Single DB
    W: 12-25#+ Single DB

    Enjoy your workout!