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Block 14 Week 1 WOD 1

Block Fourteen • 1m 36s

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  • Block 14 Week 1 WOD 2

    Using medium-heavy dumbbells complete the following circuit 4-5 times. If you have time for 5, do 5.

    MIN 1: Squat to Twist Press
    MIN 2: Deadlift to Curl
    MIN 3: DB Swing to Back Lunge
    MIN 4: Bench Plank Rows
    MIN 5: Box Jumps

    Weight suggestion:
    M: 20-35#+ Set DBS
    W: 12-25#+ Set DBS

  • Block 14 Week 1 WOD 3

    Using medium dumbbells get as far as possible in 20 minutes. Start with 2 reps of each exercise, then 4, then 6 and so on…

    2-4-6-8-10-12 reps….

    DB Squat Cleans
    Side Step Up
    Lateral Bench Hops
    Bench Bent Rows
    Bench Plank Jax
    100 Speed Jump Rope

    Weight suggestion:
    M: 15-30#+ Set DBS
    W: 8-2...

  • Block 14 Week 2 WOD 1

    Using heavy dumbbells complete the following for 5 rounds (time tap 15 minutes).

    8 Chin Ups
    8 burpees (any modification)
    8 DB Push Press

    Immediately into: 50 lateral hops off bench

    Chest Press with Dumbbells
    Heavy Bench Row with Dumbbell (half reps on each side)