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Block 14 Week 2 WOD 2

Block Fourteen • 1m 23s

Up Next in Block Fourteen

  • Block 14 Week 2 WOD 3

    Using medium-heavy dumbbells complete the following 10 minute AMRAP’s

    10 MIN AMRAP:

    10 Squat Curl to Press
    10 Split Squats off Bench (10 on each)
    10 Step Up to Upright Row (10 on each)

    10 MIN AMRAP:

    10 Plank Row (bench)
    10 Tricep Dips
    10 Bicep Curls
    10 Oblique Twists

    Weight suggesti...

  • Block 14 Week 3 WOD 1

    Using one heavy dumbbell complete the following all on one side, then repeat on other side.

    After complete both sides that equals one round. Complete 4-5 rounds total.

    10 Single Arm Squat to Push Press
    10 Sumo to Upright Row
    10 Side Standing Crunch
    10 DB Swings
    5 One Arm Burpees


  • Block 14 Week 3 WOD 2

    Complete the following using medium dumbbells for 4 rounds or 20 minutes, whichever comes first.

    15 Sit Ups
    12 Alternating Back Lunges
    12 Alternating Step Ups
    8 Squat to Overhead Press
    8 Elevated Deadlifts (on each leg)
    15 Toes to Bar (Modification: Pike Kickbacks)

    Weight suggestion: