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Block 10 Week 1 WOD 3

Block Ten • 1m 50s

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  • Block 10 Week 2 WOD 1

    Starter (optional): 4 rounds of:

    Ab hold x 30 seconds (think of a crunch but keep everything so tight and solid, drive low back through the floor the whole time and pull your pelvic floor UP keep everything tight while you
    High Plank or Down Dog x 30 seconds (this is your ‘active’ reco...

  • Block 10 Week 2 WOD 2

    10 MIN EMOM:

    MIN 1: DB Squats x 15 reps (go heavy)
    MIN 2: Wall Climbers (as many as you can do- you’ll have to take breaks and that’s ok. Do a few, take a break, repeat for the while minute). Stack your wrists under your shoulders- this is SO much core so if its too much practice them in slow mo...

  • Block 10 Week 2 WOD 3

    Complete 3 Rounds: 18 minutes

    MIN 1: DB Cleans
    MIN 2: Bench Row (30 sec ea side)
    MIN 3: Bridge & Chest press
    MIN 4: Bridge Hold Pullover
    MIN 5: Tricep Dip (take a break or two if you need)
    MIN 6: Toes to Bar (sub pike kickbacks) (30 seconds on/30 seconds rest)

    Complete 2 rounds: 6 MIN
    MIN 1...