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Block 10 Week 3 WOD 1

Block Ten • 1m 25s

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  • Block 10 Week 3 WOD 2

    15 MIN AMRAP:
    10 Chin Ups (mod bent over row)
    10 Push Press
    8 Plank Rows (4 on ea)
    8 DB Burpees (no pushup)

    1-3 minute rest. Then right into:

    6 MIN AMRAP: Use as much resistance as possible:

    Band Pull aparts x 20 (pinch your shoulder blades)
    Band Upright Row x 15 (pull up and slightly back)

  • Block 10 Week 3 WOD 3

    Complete 8 sets of each each exercise using the Tabata protocol. Tabata means 20 seconds on (completely the prescribed exercise at max reps), followed by 20 seconds of complete rest.

    Complete 8 sets of each, the first 4 sets on one side, the last 4 sets on the other (where applicable).

    1. DB St...

  • Block 10 Week 4 WOD 1

    15 MIN AMRAP:

    Devil Press x 8 reps
    Bent Over Row x 8 reps
    Pike Pushups x 12 reps
    DB Chest Press & Bridge x 16 reps
    Plank Jacks x 20 Reps

    Complete 3 rounds: 40 seconds on/ 20 seconds off of:

    Max Bicep curls
    Max Alternating Overhead Press
    Max Tricep Overhead Extension
    Plank Hold (pull your h...